Our Partners

We are are here to help you sell more homes.

How do we do this? We help sellers increase the value of their homes by improving the functionality, curb appeal and safety. We resolve issues that might be found during an inspection. We help buyers understand their options and overcome any fears about completing a renovation that might be the deciding factor in their decision to purchase. We treat your sellers and buyers with the greatest respect and ensure a phenomenal customer service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the Construction field?

Anchor Property Services has been providing creative landscape and construction services to the DMV since 2010.

What's your experience with realtors?

An idea was planted in my head by a realtor friend who suggested that if we would have an unlimited demand for our services if we could provide a superior customer service experience to realtors. We have specialized in serving the NOVA realtor community for over 12 years.

How can you provide value to my clients?

Renovations for sellers who have not updated their homes in years-we work with you to increase the overall value of the home to facilitate a timely sale for the highest possible price.

Renovations for sellers who may have some equity in their property but not cash to execute the renovation work-we offer “Renovate Now Pay Later” to partner with the realtor and Seller to collect payment for renovations when the property goes to closing.

Remodeling for buyers who found the right house in the right neighborhood but want to complete the kitchen, bathroom or basement renovation of their dreams and still stay in their overall home purchase budget.

For both buyers and sellers, we can ease the stress that may arise due to the home inspection report by providing a realistic, timely and accurate estimates to resolve inspection items. We provide a detailed scope of work to satisfy your buyers’ concerns and demonstrate to your sellers that we are completing the repair in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to maximize their cash at closing.

For realtors we recognize that this transaction is your livelihood and that we are a part of your clients overall experience, we take care of our relationships with our realtors to ensure we are promoting your business values, mission and brand.

What type of homes do you typically renovate?

Our specialty includes single family construction, townhomes, rowhomes, condo’s and high-rise residential and light commercial construction.

Who oversees the construction and can answer my client questions?

Our customer service is handled directly by the owner and president of the company or by our Operations Coordinator. All aspects of the initial site inspection, scope of work, project supervision and execution is our responsibility. Our office also staffs full time customer service, finance and administrative professionals who handle our contracts, insurance, permitting, scheduling, invoicing and all the administrative details associated with your project.

Are you offer financing?

We offer several levels of financing with competitive rates and terms through our 3rd party lending partners. If you have equity in your home that you wish to use to fuel your renovation, we may recommend one of our real estate lenders if you wish to consider a home equity line for the project.

Will my client have the opportunity to make additional upgrades once the job has started?

We often start a small project and once the client sees the project decides that they want to go ahead with the remodeling project that they really wanted. We are flexible and resourceful in ways that will allow us to weave in the new work in a way that is cost effective and still works in their timeframe.

Are you insured?

We are licensed, VA CLASS A GENENERAL CONTRACTOR #2705142216

Are you licensed?

We provide liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and commercial fleet insurance to cover all aspects of the project, our employees and subcontractors and our vehicles.


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