Basement Remodeling

When considering basement remodeling or basement restoration the top three questions we receive from our clients are, how long does a basement renovation take, how much should a basement renovation cost, and will you provide a basement designer for my project?

On average basement remodeling takes 30 days from the time we receive permits to completion. Smaller basement projects for those who wish to finish a basement on a budget can be completed in under 2 weeks.

Because basements vary widely in size and scope of work, the average basement remodeling cost also varies. Our average basement remodel cost ranges from roughly $25,000.00 for a townhouse basement remodel with basic living and entertainment space to $125,000 or more for larger single-family projects that include a full basement bathroom remodel and new basement bedroom with egress window installation.

Our in-house basement design team will provide 3-D drawings and will work with you to make materials selections that suit your taste and style. Our detailed drawings allow you to fully envision your finished basement before starting the project and having a detailed basement design plan in place allows us to execute your project efficiently and cost effectively.

Is a basement renovation worth it? Our clients agree that the additional living space is a tremendous addition to the comfort of their home and is one of the easiest ways to increase the resale value of your property in this competitive housing market.
Are you interested in a basement renovation but are hesitant of cost? contact Anchor Property Services to discuss financing options that will work for you.

Some Basement Renovation Ideas Include:

  • Home Entertainment: Need a better place to watch TV and relax? You can go with a simple TV room with built-in storage and display shelving. Or, go all out with a complete home theater space that includes surround sound, tiered seating, and a minibar.
  • Play Room / Game Room: Tired of tripping over your kids’ toys in the living room? Design a great playroom or game room with pool tables and video game consoles.
  • Home Office: Instead of using the corner of your bedroom guest room, your basement can transform into a productive, well-lit, quiet workspace with plenty of room for storage.
  • Extra Bedrooms: Siblings getting too old to share a room, or do you want a beautiful, more private space for guests? Basements are a great place to add additional sleeping spaces.
  • Home Gym / Workout Studio: Instead of paying for and driving to the gym, wouldn’t you love to workout at home? An at home gym makes staying healthy as easy as walking downstairs.
  • Man Cave /Woman’s Retreat / Hobby Space: Whatever your hobbies and interests are, a basement can give you the space to pursue them.

Benefits of Basement Remodeling

  • Increased Property Value Converting unused basement space is a great way to improve your property value. Basements offer the best return on the investment versus additions, which require foundations, exterior walls, or roofs.
  • Flexibility: Unlike the other rooms of your home that have pre-designated uses, your basement remodel can suit your exact needs. Whether you need more sleeping, entertaining, or hobby space – the sky’s the limit.
  • Comfort Well-insulated, renovated basements often stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, they are usually the quietest rooms in the house.
  • Order and Storage Unfinished basements often aren’t utilized effectively. The result is storage boxes stacked or scattered around. Finished basements can include built-in storage space to keep your belongings organized and out of the way.