Are you licensed and can you show me proof?

Yes-Anchor Property Services is a VA Class A General Contractor, licensed to complete residential and commercial projects of unlimited scope and size. We are also licensed in each county and city jurisdiction where we do business. Why? Because licensed contractors are required to operate at standards that meet or exceed the code and are able to acquire permits and pass inspection requirements.

After all, why would you take the risk with your most valuable asset? Unlicensed or uninsured contracts cost homeowners thousands each year. This can also mean your project isn’t up to code and may cause issues when it is time to sell — which could cost you a lot more money later.

Are you insured and can you show me proof?

Yes – In order to ensure the safety and security of our clients and employees Anchor Property Services has separate liability policy, workers’ compensation insurance as well as commercial auto insurance for all company owned vehicles and construction equipment. If damage occurs to our clients property or vehicles or causes injury to and individual, subcontractor or employee our insurance will cover the cost.

Workers’ compensation will pay injured workers’ medical bills. Often contractors need to hire subcontractors, it is our responsibility to hire only licensed subcontractors who have their own liability and commercial auto insurance. Uninsured contractors cost homeowners thousands each year and it is important to only hire insured contractors because your homeowner’s insurance may not be enough to cover medical payments if a worker is injured. Anchor Property Services has the highest level of insurance available in our industry.

Do you provide a written contract for the work to be performed?

Anchor Property Services provides you with a detailed contract that specifies all of the work to be performed and also includes standard contract obligations as required by the VA State DPOR. It is an itemized list which includes permits and inspections, materials, product brand names if applicable, timelines and other terms and conditions.

What are the deposit and payment terms?

In addition to the work being clearly defined, Anchor provides clear deposit and terms in writing. We generally ask for a 30%-50% deposit before beginning work depending on the length of the project, materials and labor required to launch the project. Progress payments will be based on certain milestones or timelines and final payment is collected upon satisfactory completion of the entire scope of work.

Do you guarantee your work with a written warranty?

Yes, Anchor provides a written warranty. Our warranty varies based on the scope of work, generally we provide a one-year warranty, but it is not uncommon for us to repair items long after the initial warrant expires at no charge. We value out long-term relationships with our clients and stand behind our work long after the project is completed. Our warranty claims are very rare but we are happy to respond when they do occur.

Who will be on my property and what is the schedule like?

Anchor will provie both full time W-2 employees and qualified subcontractors to complete your project. We provide a project manager who will inform you of exactly who will be on site. Our employees and subcontractors are specifically trained to be respectful of your property and your family.

Anchor will provide you with a basic schedule of work, work hours as well as a targeted completion date.

What cleanup work is included?

An Anchor Property Services agreement will clearly state that we will haul away all construction debris and provide ongoing trash removal during the project. We also provide a final cleanup and removal of all remaining construction tools, equipment and materials. If you will be living in your home while the work is performed we provide additional protection and quarantine of the work area to protect you and your family from dust and debris.

How will I communicate with you and your team?

Anchor Property Services has multiple ways to communicate with you depending on your preference. Your Project Manager is available by phone, email or text. We also utilize a proprietary software system that provides our clients with a dedicated protal to monitor the schedule and where our technicians report on their progress and upload photos of the project. We also utilize miniature WiFi cameras upon request to provide ongoing monitoring of your project.