Whole House Renovation

Just bought a new house and want to add your personal touches? Just refinanced your home and want to upgrade your living space? Or are you ready to sell your house and want to add top value to it before it goes on the market? We can turn any house into a home with our experienced team over here at Anchor Property Services.

A home renovation has many advantages and can be of great benefit. It gives you the liberty to personalize your home for your lifestyle and needs. This type of project can modernize an outdated home, and can also make your house more energy efficient. Whatever your reasoning behind it is, it is important to find an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable remodeler to ensure the project gets done efficiently and precisely.

What a whole house renovation consist of:
– New flooring around entire house (LVP, carpet, tile or hardwood)
– Kitchen remodel (New custom kitchen and finishes)
– Bathroom remodel (includes all bathrooms in house)
– Painting entire house (Trim, ceiling, walls and doors)
– New trim and casing
– New Interior and exterior doors
– Exterior painting
– Custom built in closets
– Yard clean upIf you don’t need all the work done, you can pick and choose which parts of your home you want to get serviced and we can take care of it. From painting a home to tearing down a wall, we specialize in all kinds of home improvement jobs.

We can design your home space and bring it to life. Check out our designs!

Take a look at our completed projects for inspiration!