Spring Renovation Ideas

Spring is the season in which vegetation grows and develops. Why not do the same for your house? There’s no better time in the year to tackle renovation projects around the house. Here are some renovation ideas to spruce up your home and have it ready for an unbelievable summer!

1. Add or Extend A Deck

A deck is one of the best additions your house can have. If your deck is in good condition but small, you can save time and money by extending it. You will have more space to cook, converse and host parties, all while making a design statement.

Furthermore, you can opt to add lighting. This will make your deck safer and create a better atmosphere. You can choose to install string lights with LED bulbs, or LED rope lights with bulbs housed inside translucent tubing. LED lights last much longer and use much less energy than any other bulb types. You can hang the string lights from the ceiling or along a wall. Or you can even hide them so you can create a chic ambience.

Aside from LED lights, you can use low-voltage fixtures. Most of them can be installed directly into deck boards, post caps and stair risers. They can be matched with spotlights or any other kinds of fixtures to illuminate pathways and decorate shrubs.

2. Revamp Your Bathroom

Whether it’s the main bathroom or the guest bathroom, you can create a luxurious ambiance by renovating it. You don’t have to use expensive materials to make your bathroom look top notch. High-definition laminate countertops and quartz countertops are great choices to pick when granite is out of your reach. You can also pick faux-stone ceramic or porcelain tile backsplashes as they can simulate the look of marble.

To keep bringing more life to your bathroom, an easy and affordable way of doing so would be replacing the old hardware with new and exciting hardware Whichever new hardware you choose, make sure to measure the distance and size of the holes in your cabinet, thus, eliminating the need to drill new holes.

You can also add a huge twinkle to your bathroom by installing a new sink faucet. Sink faucets are fast and easy to install, giving you more time to focus on other renovations you want to tackle. And don’t forget to close the water lines before replacing the faucet. There should be 2 lines (hot and cold) under the sink or behind the cabinet.

If you choose to replace your vanity and counter, they usually come preassembled. Vanity units come in stock sizes ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches wide. As far as counters go, you can coordinate them as you like with the vanity of your choice, and they can be purchased with preinstalled sinks, making the job easier and saving you a lot of time.

3. Transform Your Basement!

If you like to entertain, adding a bar to your basement is a great option, especially if you have an open basement. A large open basement is a perfect space to create the ultimate bar/lounge combination. You can create a backdrop for the shelves and use pendant lighting to accentuate the décor of the bar, which in turn will complement the furnishing of the lounge area. You might need to bring down a wall to create an open area where you can incorporate both.

In addition, why not embrace the lack of natural light in your basement and create a home theater! Decorations aside, you can replace the flooring and paint the walls a different color to contrast with the new purpose of the basement. Regardless of the new use you want to give to your basement, remember that the materials you use for your walls, floors, cabinetry and countertop play a big role in complementing the new purpose you want to give to your basement.

For example, any exposed ductwork or pipes could be painted the same color as the ceiling and walls. This helps blend these elements into the rest of the space without adding a ceiling and losing height. Another great tip here is to use light, floor-length curtains to increase the perceived window area. A floor-length mirror and floor lamps can make a basement room feel taller, too.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more ideas (too many to list them here) that you can partake on as your springtime projects. Nevertheless, whether you focus on indoor projects or outdoor projects or both, make sure to add your allure while modernizing your home. You can convert a dull and unused area into a multi-purpose area and enjoy it (your guests too) for many years to come!

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