Painting & Drywall

Paint is one of the simplest and affordable ways to transform the look of a home interior or exterior. However, a sloppy paint job can make a home look worse, not better! Anchor Property Services painting teams can help you make sure your home looks just the way you want it to look.

Did you peel off that wretched-patterned wallpaper and are now looking at a mess? You won’t want to paint over drywall that has cracks, damage, or has been poorly installed. We can handle every aspect of your home improvement project that involves drywall and paint — no need to hire separate contractors.

drywall taped and primed for painting

Drywall Services

Anchor Property Services can install and hang drywall, install insulation, texture drywall, and prep it for painting. Whether you need your basement finished, a room added, or old drywall replaced on ceilings and walls, we have the right tools and the expertise to make sure your job is done correctly.

Working with drywall is often quite challenging, requiring patience and strength. Taping, mudding, and sanding also require skill, which is why so many homeowners choose to work with a contractor. It’s not much fun, so we’re here to save you the hassle!

Painting Services

If you have interior and exterior painting needs, look no further. Whether you need painting as part of a larger home improvement project or you need a painting project completed, we can do it. Some project examples include interior and exterior wall and ceiling painting, house and deck staining, and cabinet painting.

What to Expect for Your Residential Paint Project:

  • Phase I: Project Planning: Together, we will discuss some basics, such as the start date and duration. We’ll also help you with color selection, whether you want to match a current color or go for something fresh. Because paint always looks different once it’s on a wall, we’re happy to paint some samples before you commit.
  • Phase II: Preparation and Painting: Your home and belongings are important, so we carefully cover all surrounding areas with tape, plastic, and drop cloths/paper. We’ll wash and remove peeling paint and sand where necessary. We’ll also repair any drywall problems. Once we apply the products you’ve chosen, we clean up daily and store our supplies where it is convenient for you.
  • Phase III: Inspection: Once the job is completed, we inspect the finished job with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Don’t spend your weekends wandering around Home Depot buying supplies, prepping, painting, and cleaning up — let us transform your home with a top-quality professional paint project.