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Arguably, one of the most utilized rooms in your house is the bathroom. It’s such a utilitarian room that you end up not paying much attention to it. That is, until something stops working properly.  If you’ve entered your bathroom recently and thought to yourself that it needs a little, or a lot of upkeep, then we have a small guide for you to start your bathroom remodel and enhance your home’s appeal and functionality.


Your budget will depend on a lot of factors which may include location, materials used, scope of project and labor, just to name a few. First you will need to establish what kind of remodel you want to accomplish. Is it just a facelift? Mid-range renovation? Full renovation? Expansion? Next, you need to research the cost of materials and designs you want to use. Are there any items that you must have? If so, do they exceed your budget? Are you willing to compromise with a similar item?

Once you’ve established your scope and researched the cost of materials, you need to allocate some funds for labor. Labor will be a significant portion of your budget which will depend on the complexity of your project. You may end up inclined to do part of the renovation yourself or none at all, but generally speaking, labor will take about 30-40% of your total budget as you will need to consider the costs of professionals such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and tilers just to name a few.

The last part of your budget should be allocating about 10-20% of your budget for unexpected costs. You never expect to have unexpected costs, but they happen almost 100% of the time. It’s better to be prepared.


Materials and fixtures encompass a wide range of items. Tile choices have a significant impact on your costs. Ceramic tiles are more budget-friendly, while nature stone and designer tiles come at a premium.

The quality of cabinetry and countertop materials affects your costs. Choose between standard and high-end fixtures for your sinks, faucets, and showers. The cost of materials and fixtures typically constitutes 30-35% of your budget.

Tips for a successful renovation

Don’t rush. Plan and make sure you spend a lot of time researching all the materials you want to use for your remodel. Have back-up materials and designs in case there isn’t enough material in stock or there’s a long wait to get them. Also, get labor quotes from several contractors so you can find better deals.

Additionally, if you feel comfortable and able to tackle some of the remodel yourself, this will allow you to save some labor costs. You can also salvage usable items such as fixtures or cabinets to reduce material costs. Good scrubbing, cleaning, and painting will make your reusable materials as good as new.

Lastly, try to stick to the current bathroom layout. Changing the layout can get expensive, lengthy and incur additional expenses that can be costlier and possibly cause unnecessary delays.


If you have decided you want a complete overhaul, you can opt to hire a professional designer to assist you with your bathroom remodel vision. This is an optional expense of course, but it’s one that can add somewhere between 5 to 20% to your overall cost. This professional designer will make things much easier for you by creating a cohesive design and making the most out of your space.

Another item that you will need to take into consideration will be permits and inspections costs. While they won’t add much to your total budget, about 5%, you will need to consider the extra time they will add to your project. The permits and inspections ensure your remodel complies with building codes.

Lastly, you also need to consider the costs of transportation to bring in the new materials and to dispose of the old materials. More importantly, you need to account if your bathroom remodel will cause any sort of inconvenience with your family if you need to be relocated temporarily.

In the end, your new bathroom remodel will be worth the wait. Not only will you be increasing your property value but you will have a modernized, future proof bathroom for many years to come!

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